Monday, May 10, 2010

The Difference Between Men and Women

The other night my husband asked me, out of anyone in the world, who I would most like to be stuck in an elevator with.

I replied without hesitation,


He was incredulous,

"Jen, really? Why Jen? Jen!"

"Well, I haven't seen her in a while and we always have fun, no matter where we are" (This seemed like such an obvious choice)

"You don't want to be trapped with that guy from Supernatural?"

"Jared Padalecki?? No way!"

"I thought you loved that guy"

"I would find it very uncomfortable," I explained,  "being trapped in a small space with a complete stranger that I'm attracted to. I would have to make conversation. I'd feel really self-conscious. I would probably talk a lot. Or not at all."  (Remember that Friends episode when Chandler is stuck in an ATM with some famous model?)

hmmm....mulling it over, "See that is where men and women differ. A man would just imagine he was trapped with Angelina Jolie or someone. And he would be having sex with her."

"Really?" I mused,  "What makes you think Angelina Jolie would want to have sex with you just because she's in a confined space with you?"

"Well, now that you put it that way..Why do you have to go and ruin it???"

"You asked....."

Hmmm....I guess I wish I was one of those people who thought that a small confined space would make me the object of desire to, well, just about anyone. Is this all men or just my husband? He'll probably kill me for writing this, but then, he doesn't read my blog all that often. (Kind of like Jen.)

And as much as I like Jared Padaleki, what's with the mechanic picture? I don't lust after dirty (and presumably, smelly) mechanics. (No offense to the dirty and smelly mechanics who read my blog-I bet your partners ask that you shower when you come home like that.) Do other women? Is is just the idea of someone being able to fix anything on their broken car that excites them?

(Let me tell you, after the string of car trouble we've recently had I can ALMOST relate.)


Betty said...

This was linked to another friend's blog but I just wanted to say this is hysterically funny and SO true!

Thanks for the laugh!

Christine said...

Thanks Betty! Come back again!!!

Catherine said...

Seriously ... He is so hot and when you take all those clothes off, turn them inside out, and clean him up ... He would be just fine! Not tell Will I said that!

Christine said...

Well there is an idea Cath. You crack me up!

Meredith said...

Thanks for a good laugh! :)