Monday, May 10, 2010

May 7-9, 1910

May 7, 1910

Bess and I worked on the back yard and I went to the gym at 8 to play handball but the boys were through.  (and then a sentence I cannot read)

W. Fine
R. 11:30

May 8, 1910

Up home to dinner and K & B & I took the car to Seneca Street & walked up to Arsenal and (another sentence I'm having trouble with)

W. Fine
R. 11:00

May 9, 1910

Went to opening meeting of Historical Club at xxxxxxxxxx Church. Dr Belts spoke & they served cream. K, Bess, Mr W and I were guests of Mrs W. 

W. Fine
R. 12

PS I got a new blue suit at Deliro & Morest. #15.00

Ok, HELLO!! A Historical Club. Is this not just TOO MUCH!!! I'm loving that. I wonder what they talked about-Life in 1810 perhaps??? 

I wonder if he likes history or just wants to appease Mrs W. (His mother-in-law). Lets assume that he likes History. I think that means he just might find this exercise with his diary very interesting. Of course, there is the off chance, he's the kind of guy that doesn't want his personal life out there for the world (literally) to read.  I'm hoping he's not.   

According to the consumer price index (which only goes back to 1913) $15 in 1913 is worth $329.74 today. I bet he looks fine in that blue suit.

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