Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Update

Oh my goodness, can you believe this weather!?!?! My plants are HUGE. They are so huge for this time of year that I didn't get a chance to move the herbs to another spot. I supposed I still could but they look so nice and healthy where they are.

I actually  love the garden best at this time of year, which is funny because except for the Hellebore and the Violets there are no flowers. All the plants are so compact and healthy and I've cleared away all of the debris from the prior year. You can practically see the plants growing every day at this time of year.
Everything looks healthy....You can still see some soil. I don't know, it's just peaceful for me like this. You'll have to excuse my daughter's pots in the garden (The big one is mine, it has mint in it) as well as the grass in there as well. I am working on enlarging the bed and have to go back and get the rest of the grass out.

On the vegetable front, I'm still harvesting Leeks and Turnips, but those will soon be done. Potatoes are in and I found some growing from last year so that was a nice surprise. I have also planted peas, onions, shallots, garlic (seriously this family will have no trouble with vampires)  broccoli, turnips, beets & radishes. The strawberries are setting nice flowers but I don't have a lot of hope that the squirrels won't eat the fruit again this year.

I have a lot of broccoli. First I bought 8 plants. Then I thought I really needed more so a few days ago at the garden store I bought 6 more plants. I also bought Brussels Sprouts, or so I thought. When I got them home I realized I actually bought 2 broccoli (at this time of year the plants look exactly alike.) Now I have 20 broccoli growing.... and no Brussels sprouts.


Unknown said...

We just did some mulching and I love the contrast in color plus the space between the plants.

Christine said...

I love mulch at this time of year. That garden currently has no mulch. By summer you can't see the mulch at all because I have so many plants jammed in there. My friends Susan always has space between her plants which looks really nice but I'm trying not to get too much bigger with the garden right now.