Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mommy Needs A Time Out....

Before I had a child people gave me all kinds of advice/wisdom that I admit, I half listened to.

What EVERYONE neglected to tell me is that becoming a parent means you say things like 1100 times..... And I'm SO not a fan of repeating myself.

"Get dressed please we need to get going."
"But I am dressed."
"You wore that shirt to bed last night, now get dressed."
"They don't know I wore it to bed."
"I do and it's dirty, so get dressed"
"They won't be able to see the dirt"
"Get Dressed"
"Those pants are not ok to go out in. Now go and get dressed"
WHINE, "Now I'm uncomfortable in my clothes."
"Good. Change them."

I must have said "Get Dressed" 25 more times while trying to get myself dressed and my hair dried before we got to time out which is usually not the way I work it-usually we would get to time out WAY before the whining. But I was trying to get somewhere (that I ended up missing. Possibly if I did the time out early enough then we could have been on our way) And why oh why was this request a problem? Getting dressed in a clean shirt and pants that are not capri pants in November should not incite a near riot. This is a reasonable request. I'm a reasonable woman.

Now I need a time out.

Or that bottle of wine....


Unknown said...

I slightly feel your pain only slightly because my LO doesn't have the full blown vocabulary yet to retort back.

Kristin said...

I swear, morning is our worst time of day. I feel like such a horrible mom!!

Christine said...

Ha well at least you blame yourself. I was feeling like she was such a horrible child!!!

Actually, the whole thing was terrible and I did feel badly, like why didn't I just take care of it earlier. Obviously saying something 10 times didn't work. What made me think saying it 15 times more was going to????