Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holey Crap

My almost-5-year-old daughter, much to my chagrin, no longer naps. Once in a while she'll doze off, but not usually. And trust me, by that time of day, I really need a break.

We've instituted quiet time in her room. She listens to a book on tape/cd. Once in a while, classical music. Sometimes she lies in bed and sometimes she plays quietly with some of the toys in her room or draws with markers/crayons. It's all very peaceful. Usually.....

So it was, yesterday when I went upstairs to work in my study. After about 20 minutes there was hysterical crying coming from her room. I rushed down the stairs and when I flung open the door I stood there, mouth wide open, dumbfounded. (clearly I am easily dumbfounded these days.)

She had taken her child safety scissors and CUT HOLES IN HER PANTS AND SHIRT. The ones she was wearing!!! Lots of holes.....Big holes. There was hair laying around her on the floor. Actually, she has so much hair that it was hard to find where she cut if from. Today I found more of her hair hidden under her bed. Stephanie suggested she was rebelling from the other day when I would not let her wear a dirty shirt out in public....

She was crying so much that I didn't even have to reprimand her. She KNEW she had done something wrong. She buried her head in my shoulder and I could not even get her to look at me. I tried hard not to laugh audibly. I just could not believe she had the nerve to cut such BIG holes.

In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.

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