Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indie Music Treat-Chris Wilson

On of my favorite musical artists is someone you probably don't know. Chris Wilson.

About 2 years ago he was performing at one of my favorite local shops, The Good Old Days Country Store.

I picked up a cd and was hooked. His songs are great and his voice is beautiful. His voice live is exactly the same as the CD.

This past Friday I was out there with my Aunt. I struck up a conversation with him about my favorite song and why. On Sunday, when I went back to pick up his newest CD he took some requests and played it for me! That was so neat, except I needed to really resist singing out loud (something I should NEVER do in public!)

You can go to his myspace music page and he has a pop out music player. So if you are sitting at your desk (well not that I ever could have listened to music at my desk) or at home a little later take a listen. His version of I Will Survive, gives the song a completely different meaning, it's amazing.

He also has 2 gorgeous Christmas CDs. that I'm going to start playing any second.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I will have to listen to this miracle man whose music has inspired you to, well, LISTEN TO MUSIC! And truly, the thought of you singing out loud, in public -- really, it's all just shocking to me! :)

Christine said...

I think you'll like him. Do listen to the link I put in there. But I'll also bring the CD on Sat if you would like me to. Yes, I MAY even be able to listen to music in the car. Maybe. And only if you and Karen don't try and talk at the same time....

I sat and knitted tonight for an hour listening to him on my iPod tonight. That is how much I love him.