Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Made Citrus Sugar Scrub

While on the below mentioned Wine Tour, we stopped into a sumptuous artisan gift shop of hand made items. Beautiful pottery bowls, handwoven textiles, silver jewelry and a lovely assortment of all natural beauty products. The best part was that they were all open in the bathroom so you could try anything you wanted! I was particularly taken with a Citrus Sugar scrub that smelled luxurious, looked yummy and made the skin on my hands nice and soft. The price was $14.99! The bottle boasted, "Look at my Ingredients" being that I like to follow directions I obliged. The only thing in this scrub was sugar, some oils and some citrus essential oil! OMG! I have everything at home already!

So last night I whipped some up using:

1/2 Cup Sugar
A little Olive oil
A little Coconut oil (use a little oil at a time until sugar becomes a smooth paste)
a few drops of citrus essential oil

That was it! Free for me because I already had everything. You could use different oils and scents I imagine but that was pretty much it. All you need to do is rub it on your skin and rinse and you'll feel smooth and smell great!


lightening said...

Hi Christine,
I have nominated you for a "nice matters" award. :-) Details are on my blog. You can pass the award along to other bloggers if you wish and add a copy of the picture to your blog too. It's up to you.

Christine said...

Thanks so much! How exciting! I didn't know you had a blog too! I'll be sure and check it out!

Thanks again!