Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Day at Seneca Lake

Friday was spent with our friends Bridget and Rick taking in some great Seneca Lake Wineries. For those you not from NY, the finger lakes produces some wonderful wines (most notably Reisling and Gew├╝rztraminer) There are wonderful wineries to visit, most have nice gardens, and boutique wines made by people passionate about what they do. Some of our favorites included: Anthony Road, Miles, A new one (this week!), Red Tail Ridge, and everyone's favorite, Shalestone which only does reds (and does them well!) and produces only 5 wines in very limited supply. It can be a reasonable trip if you don't lose your head while drinking all that wine and decide on a case. Each winery charges between $1-$2.50 for a full taste and those on the higher end of the scale usually include your glass to take with you or a coupon off a wine purchase. When we did the wineries at the North Fork of Long Island, each of those tastes were $5-$6 per person (and the wine was not as good either!)

Along the way I spotted an artisan cheese and gelato maker called Cowlick Farms. We were able to go in an taste all of the cheeses and gelato much the same way we tasted the wines. We bought a Camembert and an herb Gouda that we shared with Bridget and Rick back at their home where we made dinner.

We did buy about 9 bottles of wine, but for us that really isn't bad..

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