Sunday, August 19, 2007

Picking Vegetables With Bob

Yesterday my daughter and I spent the morning with my grandmother and her partner, Bob. Bob has a garden and, at 85, supplies my whole family with fresh tomatoes, all summer and into the fall. He also grows other veggies, but tomatoes are his forte!

My girlie loves Bob and the feeling is mutual. They play and run around and yesterday, she helped pick the tomatoes.

To me, a morning spent like this is just wonderful. I don't think I saw food actually growing until my friend Jacquie's father grew huge zucchini in their backyard when we were in grade school. At the time I didn't even like zucchini so this wasn't even mildly interesting to me. I want my girl to be aware of where her food comes from and have respect (and hopefully a love) of where and how it is grown. So many people today have little connection with the food they eat and the beautiful process that nature goes through to grow a tomato or a zucchini or a flower. It is my hope to instill in her, a connection to her world that she can enjoy her entire lifetime.

Later she ate some of her "matoes" and enjoyed them very much!

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