Saturday, August 4, 2007

Home Grown Zucchini!

Even though I've grown food for about 6 years, I've never had any luck with Zucchini! I know, zucchini is one of those things that people seem to have an overabundance of every year. Who CAN'T grow zucchini? I always had problems with cutworms or some other vermin so eventually I gave up.

This year I'm in a new house and didn't plan to grow any vegetables as I don't have a garden plot dug yet. My brother did remove a row of hedges by the driveway and right before I went to plant grass, Bridget called me and asked if I wanted any free zucchini plants. Why not I thought, free plants and free food, who could refuse that! The grass can wait until fall and I have a mini vegetable garden.

6 little plants showed up and after a few weeks I could practically see these suckers growing. After 2 were sacrificed to animals (deer I think). I have my first 3 beautiful Zucchini!! Grown organically, in the backyard, by me!! I feel like I need to make some zucchini bread even though I only have three right now. I'm expecting a bumper crop as I can see tons of tiny little zucchini growing! Check back for some yummy ways to use it. Tonight we're grilling it with the Lemon Garlic Dressing to have along with steaks.

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lightening said...

That is so cool - free plants and then free food!!! I love free food. LOL. I'm just getting started on vegie gardening and hoping I improve a little with time - jolly bugs and things are frustrating me too. Fingers crossed I can grow zucchini come summer here. I want to grate and freeze HEAPS of it as I use it in things like spaghetti bolognese (gotta love hidden vegies). All our green vegies are really really expensive here at the moment (flow on effect from the water crisis in Australia).

Anyway - I hope you really enjoy your homegrown zuchini. :-)