Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saturday February 19, 1910

Started to work Sat AM. To dentist at noon. 5:45 Sleigh ride to see Bess Aunt at Cicero. Marha, Uri, ---- Eve, Dan, Beatrice, Ethel & E---Ray & ---Clara & Oscar, George Hoffman, Margaret Mar---, Bess & I caught the last car home. Fine time. 

I cannot read the weather at all
R. 2  This is the latest he's gone to bed yet!

I bet it was a fine time!! And a SLEIGH RIDE!!! Holy Cow!!! And it's nice to see that we found Oscar.... I wonderd if he was still alive. He must just be living somewhere else. I would never have known those were his siblings (though I wondered) if I didn't have those census records.

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