Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday February 6, 1910

Today begins the diary of F.E. Filsinger, from 100 years ago.

Just a little background. F is 25 years old and lives at 504 Stinard Ave in Syracuse NY. He works in a factory and has a wife named Bess. That's all I'm telling for now. On to our first entry. Don't worry, they get better and day by day you can piece his life together.

Up home to dinner. Pearse Smich from the factory was up to dinner. 

W. Cold
R. 11

His penmanship is pretty and small. This is written in a small leather bound pocket diary and there are 3 days per page which tells you how much room he has to write.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I have an old notebook / journal from one of my mother's ancestors and it was about his journey from England to Boston in the late 1800's -- it's wonderful to get a glimpse into another time like this! And, while I love blogging, I have to admit it's so much more "romantic" to read a handwritten diary from 100 years ago, as opposed to 100 years from now when someone finds our old blogs floating around on the web... This is really great -- I think it's such a neat idea to share this every day! Can't wait to read more!

Meredith said...

Just curious - have you done any research into who he was (
I love that kind of thing - kind of like a mystery.

Christine said...


Do I know that? I really think I would remember something like that! I must see this the next time I am at your house! How neat!

Christine said...

Meredith-It's funny that you mention that as I was going to do a blog post about just that. I love genealogy but I have been too busy to justify the $100+ membership the past year. I've been using (The mormon site) which is fantastic, but not as good as Ancestry. I have been unable to locate him on Familysearch though and I noticed that Ancestry has a 2 week trial membership that is free that I might sign up for for the express purpose of looking for him.

Since this diary is from 1910 and I know his address I'm betting I could find him on the 1910 census.

When I work on geneaology I'm always surprised at how much time has gone by when I finally surface for air!

Catherine said...

I eant to know more ... Do tell!

Christine said...

Keep reading Cath!

Ps-Had a great time on Friday!