Monday, February 22, 2010

Split Pea Soup

Today I made one of my favorite soups, split pea.   I have already posted this recipe but it was back in 2007 (I could hardly believe that myself!) It's something I make a lot  in the wintertime and new readers may not have seen it.

I only use yellow peas because the green makes it look like, well, split pea soup. And no one likes that visual. Look how nice it looks with yellow peas! The key to making this really great is having a ham bone with a nice amount of meat still on it, so be generous when carving your ham.  I love this soup because there are hardly any ingredients in it and it's simply wonderful. It also makes use of something that you would normally discard and an entire pot can be made for under $2.

I'm  the only person in the house who eats this. (Please do not let this be seen as a reflection of the quality of the soup. )  I don't understand what scares people about making a large batch of something if you are the only one eating it. I don't want to eat this soup all week so I freeze it in 1-2 serving size portions and take some out when I want some. I do this all the time with leftovers.

My brother also happens to love this soup so I packaged up half of it to take to him tomorrow.

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