Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday February 18, 1910

I fell to sleep after shutting off alarm & overslept & stayed home all AM. Bess came home on west car after me and we had supper over home. Ray, Pa & I played dominoes & I taught them Pedro


See what I mean-What a nice family spending evenings playing games together. I love it. And who gets to stay home all morning from their job if they oversleep?

Note on Pedro:

Pedro (pronounced "peedro") was developed in the United States in the nineteenth century as a variation of Pitch

Pedro was extremely widely played in the US at the end of the nineteenth century, but during the twentieth century it gradually declined in popularity. Nevertheless it is still extensively played in the southern USA and on the West Coast.  Surprisingly, a very similar game is played under the name Pidro in Österbotten, which is a Swedish speaking region in the west of Finland. Pedro or Pidro is also played in parts of Italy and in the Azores. It seems likely that the game originated in America and traveled from there to parts of Europe rather than vice versa.

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