Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday February 12, 1910

Stayed home all day. St--- cars did not run till 2. My ------club up to supper & Kathy slept all night on the settee.  I made a mantle for the fireplace. 

R. 12

It's a good thing he put the new springs in the new settee the other day since Kathy slept on it all night.  And he made a mantle?   Leadership classes and woodworking skills, I think I love this man.

I don't know what the words are that have the blanks but I do know from the rest of the diary that the cars that he is referencing are the trolley cars that ran in Syracuse at that time. He lives in the actual city of Syracuse.


Krista said...

I think I love him, too.

I wonder if we could find a descendant and get a picture? How cool would that be?!

Christine said...

Well I was thinking the other day that I might need to figure out how to find one of his descendants. If someone were posting my great great grandfather's diary online I would surely want to know about it!

Krista said...

Me too! I think it would be pretty cool to find them. I am sensing a spring project! lol

Christine said...

I know!

Unknown said...

Um could this have been the night of their first fight???