Monday, February 8, 2010

Tuesday February 8th, 1910

To Gym & Aluminum  team beat us (Monarch) 22 to 8 & Smith Bros beat Franklin.

W. Cold
R. 11

In case you're wondering, he plays basketball. I did not figure that out for a few more entries so I thought I'd tell you.  I don't know much about basketball, however, a score of 8 did not scream basketball to me.

This is going to be way more fun than I thought!

After I wrote the above entry I decided to do a little research on Monarch, Franklin and Smith Bros in Syracuse NY.   Monarch and Smith Bros (the pre-cursor to Smith-Corona) were both typewriter factories. Franklin produced the Franklin Automobile. Monarch had its factory in Franklin Square.I even found one article that referred to it as the 1910 Monarch Typewriter Factory! SCORE!

Apparently F worked in The Monarch Typewriter Factory.

Yes, this is possibly the neatest thing I've ever found online. (I know, my true inner geek is really showing tonight isn't it?)

When I first read the diary I read a few pages each evening  laying in bed before turning off the light.  Reading with the internet at my fingertips is proving to be a far more interesting prospect!


Catherine said...

I'm loving this - My great great grandfather worked at the Typewriter factory in Syracuse when my great grandmother was little. I learned that when she died. I have a book on Syracuse - I will try and find it for you.

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

How cool to have found that, Christine. I like how you incorporated it into your banner.

8 as a basketball score? WOW.

Christine said...

Neat Catherine!!! Maybe your great grandfather knew my guy!!!

Thanks Karley!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Love the new picture -- how fun this is -- like piecing together a little mystery!

The coolest thing I ever found on the internet was a b/w picture of George Eastman standing on the deck of the same ship that my great grandmother came over on from England when she was about 5 years old! (I found the ship's name in that old journal that I mentioned to you earlier.)

Christine said...

That's so neat Deanna! I'm so looking through that journal!

That is exactly why I like genealogy-it's a bunch of little mysteries to unravel that make up you.

Unknown said...

Fascinated stuff. I might send your link over to my MIL she loves genealogy and has been visiting cemeteries for many years to document family names and take pictures of headstones.

I have to admit reading all these different posts about peoples great grandparents and the links they have to our area is neat too. It also makes me a little sad that I don't have that much family history seeing as my parents are first generation Americans.

Christine said...


You would be surprised at how much is out there. Many countries have their own genealogy sites that you can search. Of course you might need to know Italian.....