Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday February 26, 1910

No Bellview cars.  (Something that I cannot read at all) burning from 3 AM to           (and he leaves this blank). Stopped to Dentist at noon & Builders Manufacturing Company. Made a Book rack. Kathy up & stayed all night.

W. Thawing
R. 11:30

So it was thawing 100 years ago today.... We're snowed in! Soon to be making a cosy fire in the fireplace!

Does anyone remember that he was at the dentist last week?  However, he lets his wives girlfriend sleep over and builds book racks. I have a crush on this man (despite his bad teeth!)


SweetMissMagnolia said...

gosh it would be something to really know what this family was like--wouldn't it be sooo cool to find a pic or something.....we'll have to imagine I guess....sooo interesting.....

Christine said...

I think it's interesting too! (Obviously!)