Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday February 7, 1910

Went to Autonomy class at gym. Dave, Ray, Art & I played pool. Met Bess from home. 

W. Cold
R. 10


Krista said...

I am already fascinated by this guy. I wonder what he looked like, what his family looked like, etc.

I wonder what we could find out about him with just a little research?

I can't wait to hear more.

Christine said...

I know! Now I'm going to have to look on!!!

At the same estate sale that I purchased the diary I also purchased an antique quilt done in a crazy quilt design and a woman's dress from that era. I have no confirmation that these items belonged to F and Bess but in my mind I always imagine they do!

Unknown said...

Please refresh my memory, what does

R10 mean?

I'm getting rather curious about his life too.

Christine said...


I'm assuming that R means rest or retire as the time given is usually somewhere between 10-12. Of course I could be wrong about what the numbers actually mean but I'm thinking if he is recording the weather each day, the time would be a good guess.

Unknown said...

Okay thank you for explaining that it makes sense.