Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Gal Jenny

This is my best friend Jen. Isn't she pretty? This is her at her 20th class reunion. ( I don't know the girl next to her but I was having an issue with the crop) Boy Howdy does she look good! (And yes, I've always lived in the shadow of her beauty, thanks for asking....)

She doesn't read my blog often because I don't write enough about her. Seriously people, she said that. (she's like that.) She couldn't believe her best friend hardly wrote about her. I could not believe mine didn't read my darn blog.

In an effort to improve my readership and sooth her wounded pride I'm writing about Jen tonight.

I met her at our Freshman picnic where I complained to her about how loud my next door neighbors were. She promptly asked if I would come upstairs with her to get something from her room. WHICH HAPPENED TO BE RIGHT NEXT TO MINE...I had no way of knowing at that point of course, but my life was never to be the same. Jen is undoubtedly, the best thing I got out of college.

We were ALWAYS together. Once a guy tried to pick us both up. We let him drive us home (hey, it was cold) and he walked us to our room ( I'm not sure why that happened) where he tried to get us both to sit on the bed with him. I promptly got into my own bed (clothed) said goodnight, pulled the covers over my head and faced the wall. She kicked him out and I think we probably ordered wings. We also retaliated by having a pizza with everything on it delivered to him every night for a week. I'm not sure why we did that but it still cracks us up.

We have a certain magic electricity when we are together that makes things happen. (just ask us!) Aside from just having side splittingly good times together, we've stayed free at the Waldorf, vacationed for free at Lake George, Gone to Las Vegas for free & stayed at the Venetian, Met Mario Batali at his restaurant and sat behind Rudy Guliani at a Yankee game where Derek Jeter grinned at us (He was probably grinning at all those breasts...) We've run into old boyfriends together when we looked our best and have even had babies at the same time. She's one of the funniest people I know. She's a great cook and has been in News Day for her recipe for Armpit Chicken.....Yes, that is indeed, what it is called. She's well read, wickedly smart & effortlessly stylish. She has 3 beautiful children and a globe trotting pilot of a husband who has lived in Africa where he contracted malaria. Very Indiana Jones...(Yes, I hate her too.)

She's also been there for me for every life issue I've ever struggled with.

She is incredibly dear to me. She lives entirely too far away from me. I miss her.

If we are ever at an old age home together we will be the ones wearing leopard print and she'll have too much lipstick on.

Thanks for sticking with this dear readers. If you believe that you too, will be more inclined to read my blog on a more regular basis because of a similar missive about yourself do contact me. I can make these public or private and even include them in your Christmas card this year if you like. I can tailor them to a particular good time we've had or something you would like the world to know about our relationship. I'm also pretty good off the top of my head, (especially if I like you) Contact me soon, because I have a feeling spots will be filling up.


Jen McQ said...

You are such a dork. OK, I am crying now. I really miss you. I am sad that we never get to see each other. The real reason I don't read your blog often is that my husband keeps knocking me up; I start to read your blog and then have to stop to clean up someone's poop or spit-up, or I start to read it and have to stop because I've become so depressed about all the things I used to cook, create, read, etc., before I had baby #3.

I love you.

I guess it's true what they say about the squeaky wheel.

I see now, however, the problem with writing things like this is that people will no longer want to read your blog. Do recall that whenever we are with other people that the only ones who find our stories so entertaining are you and me. Although we don't understand this, I suppose we have to cater our audience.

I might be the one with too much lipstick on, but you'll have it on your teeth.

Christine said...

Yes, I have no idea why people don't find us as fascinating as we find ourselves......

That lipstick comment cracked me up! Hopefully you'll be able to see well enough to tell me I have lipstick on my teeth. You know, an old age home together would be kind of like living in a college dorm again. Perhaps we could convince Daria to join us and we could do stuff like hide her teeth....

I love you too.