Monday, October 5, 2009

Calling Myself

This morning while I was alone in the house the phone rang.

I looked at the caller id display and was somewhat perplexed as it seemed that I was getting a call from my cell phone. The one upstairs in my purse.

My mind immediately jumped to scenes of killers calling from inside the house, asking,

"Are you alone in the house."

I bravely answered the phone with a confident, and I imagine, somewhat menacing,


"Um yes, this is Wegmans, someone found your phone....."

"Oh well then, I'll be right there...."

This is actually the 2nd time Wegmans has returned something to me. Earlier this summer I dropped $80 while shopping and some nice soul turned it in. (perhaps I need pockets that button???)

The other rather funny thing about this whole incident is that about a month ago I found a cell phone in a parking lot and immediately called the last person that the cell phone had dialed. They gave me the home number of the woman whose phone it was and I did the same exact thing to her, surprising her as well as she assumed her phone was in her purse the entire time!


Krista said...

Now that's funny! I would have thought the same thing, too. lol

Ellie Kings said...

That is funny! That happened to me a few times. My phone at the time kept dialing on its own, not even the last number dialed, it would actually go into my phonebook. Sometimes it dialed people that I hadn't spoken to in some time. I'd hear a 'hello, hello' and realize that someone was on the line without me calling. It would creep me out all the time. The irony was that the times it did it, I needed desperately some advice. Go figure... my phone knew I needed help. :)

Christine said...

See, you did really need those people! That's neat!