Thursday, September 6, 2007

Take 2 Aspirin and Call Me In The Morning

Ok file this one under "you won't believe me until you try it."

Take 4 or 5 aspirin. Put them in a bowl. Put in a little water to dissolve. Add a small amount of honey, add a little plain yogurt (yes, keep going...) Rub it all over your face (No, I'm not kidding.) Voila, you have the aspirin mask.

I found this gem online. I thought it was a joke, or at best, an interesting exfoliant. It actually leaves your skin smooth and reduced redness. If you need more inspiration take a look at all the reviews over on Makeup Alley.

You can actually do this without the yogut and honey or you can add other things to it that you would associate with a facial mask. You can even add it to an existing facial mask that you already have. I've tried it a bunch of times and my skin looks great every time I use it. You need to use real aspirin though-No Tylenol or Advil. And I would say if you are the kind of person with a bad reaction to aspirin then you should probably skip it altogether.

Everyone else-It can't hurt to try and costs just cents!


lightening said...

Fascinating idea! I've never heard anything like it. :-) What is the aspirin supposed to do?

Christine said...

I don't know exactly, I think is has something to do with the anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin. I know it sounds weird!