Monday, September 24, 2007

Bake Something!

Things were getting a little dicey around here this afternoon. My girl was climbing the walls and so were her Daddy and I. She had already been to the park, woke up early from her nap and it was HOURS before dinner or bedtime! We try hard not to let her watch to much tv, and let me tell you, today would have been an easy day to relent on this.

Enter one jumbo canister of Oatmeal! My girl and I mixed up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She wore her apron from Kristin and Michael. It took a much longer time than if I did it myself (which was actually good because it kept her busy) It was much more messy (which made me mop the floor later!) and she loved it! We measured and mixed and poured and tasted the dough. She also played in the sink during cleanup time.

Later she got to have one of "her" cookies for dessert after dinner.

We have new neighbors that moved in today and we decided that we will bring these over to them tomorrow!


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Reading your blog lately has been very enjoyable and makes me interested in possibly starting my own blog! If I did that, I think it would be about motherhood -- things that I've learned on my own, things that I've learned through others, including my kids! But I think this story you wrote about baking with your daughter really hits home for me -- it takes so little to make your children happy and sometimes we tend to avoid doing certain things because they may take longer or cause us to have to clean up a big mess. But it's these moments that our kids will remember fondly!

Christine said...

Thank you! You're right. It's so easy (and frugal, lets not forget that!!) to do little things with your kids and both of you will remember those things when they are older!

lightening said...

Sounds like a wonderful time together. My kids love "helping" in the kitchen! :-) It takes longer now but mine are getting to the stage now where the investment is paying off and they can do more and more on their own.

Christine said...

Well that is something to look forward to!!!