Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have a picnic!

Need a way to jazz up plain old peanut butter and jelly? Eat it outside!!!

This is exactly what my girl and I did today and exactly what we ate. Along with carrot sticks from a peeled carrot as I don't like to pay extra for those pre-peeled and cut faux "baby" carrots.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day today so we took a blanket in the backyard. I let her choose where to put it and then we came in and I let her "make" her own sandwich (with help!) We took them outside and ate and talked and it was a lot of fun. Our yard backs up to some trees and at one point my girl said "It's nice to eat in the woods" and later when I told her what a great sandwich maker she was, she took a bite and looked at me and said "It's delicious!"

Afterward we played a while with her sand table and then picked up and came inside for nap. It was a nice quiet afternoon with no TV or music and we had a great time with each other.

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