Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free After Rebate!!!

I love free things!

One of the best deals around these days are stores that offer products free after rebate. My two favorites are Walgreen's and Rite Aid which each offer a rebate program monthly.

It's really simple actually. Once a month I check the store's website. (You can also find this in the Sunday paper but we don't get the paper) I go to the store and purchase the item(s) they have featured free after rebate for that month. Immediately after I get home I either fill out the form provided at the store (Walgreen's) or enter the receipt online (Rite Aid). In about 3-4 weeks I get a check for the amount of the item purchased.

I generally only do this for items that I actually use. I also don't go out of my way. I usually plan this errand when I am already driving past said place so as not to waste any gas and use my time wisely.

The most important thing to remember is to read all of the instructions and complete the rebate correctly and within the time frame given. I like to do it right away so I don't forget.

Today I got a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and an Aquafresh Toothbrush at Walgreen's. I've already prepared my receipt for mailing and in 3-4 weeks I'll be receiving a check for $8.98 which will be deposited right into my savings account!

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Unknown said...

You're smart to fill these out as soon as you get home. I can't tell you how many times Adam has forgotten to send in a rebate for this or that thing until it's gotten to the point that rebates are forbidden in the household!

I need to just make sure that rebates go out the second I get home. Good tip. Beautiful blog. Beautiful author of said blog ;)