Monday, September 24, 2007

Morning Glories

I know I should really post this in the spring. (And I will at least bring up this and the Hydrangea post come spring) but really, you have to see these NOW!!! Take a gander at these beautiful morning glories. GROWN FROM SEED!

It's really easy. When the weather is warm enough and if you have something these can climb, plant your seeds and water! They will grow and climb and tangle and slither up your support. (You can even use a string if you want to) Come this time of year they are just exploding with beautiful color and leaves. I planted so many that they actually toppled the support and are laying on the driveway now.

This was cheap! I used 1/2 of a mixed pack that I had in the shed. (probably about $1.99 for 50 seeds) and then I used seeds I bought on eBay. (You don't need to get that fancy though) The variety is called President Tyler and I got 10 seeds for $2. At first I didn't think they were any different than the garden variety mixed pack. AND THEN.... Yesterday I went out in the garden and saw THIS..........
My goodness is this pretty!!! The whole thing was done for $4 but you could just as easily cut that in half with a normal pack of seeds that you pick up in the spring. Also, I'm going to wait until the President Tylers dry so that I can harvest the seeds and have FREE plants next year!

And yes Stephanie, even a moron could grow these!


Unknown said...

Aha! So, is this a plant that dies at the end of the year, and you have to hack down the vines, or does it regrow?

I have some climbing plant in my front yard which would not grow the first year I planted it, so I removed the trellis and hacked it to death. But the next year, it came back, and now it keeps trying to climb up my gutter.

The neighbors are just thrilled with my curb appeal, I assure you.

Christine said...

It does die every year. The vines are not too hard to get down, more pulling than hacking really. And if you only plant a few seeds it really won't be that difficult.

Hmmm.... Does your vine flower? Perhaps a Clematis????