Monday, September 24, 2007

The Good Food Fight!

My newest product review is not a product at all, but a website started by General Mills, called Eat Better America.

The website is free and was designed to provide useful recipes, nutrition, and fitness advice for an overall healthier lifestyle.

The site was launched last year, but was recently redesigned to include a few new features. One of the most popular new items is an online game called the “Good Food Fight.” The game is designed to raise awareness of the types of healthy recipes featured on Eat Better America. It is HYSTERICAL! I mean really funny. You can choose your food of choice, choose your opponent and then start flingin' Each food gives a satisfying splat when thrown and looks really great when you get hit! (*Note-You need to grab the food from the picture at the top left in order to throw it. )

The site is also quite nice with a lot of recipes that look easy, good and are good for you.

Go on... Try the game... You'll love it!


Unknown said...

OMG. I tried this game. I am so stressed out now. Who is going to clean all that up?

Hahaha. This has totally triggered my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

Christine said...

I like "Ruthless Ruth" the best!