Friday, September 21, 2007

Product Reviews

After posting about my dishwasher duel, and the eventual winner, Cascade, imagine my surprise when a PR firm that represents Cascade contacted me. At first I thought they were going to ask me to take down the photo! But no. Apparently they saw my review on the blog and wanted to send me some free Cascade! Very Cool!

They also asked if I wanted to do more reviews for some of their products and post them on the blog. Always up for something new, I agreed. They said I didn't even have to write good things if I didn't like a product. I don't get paid for this but I do get to try some neat new (free) products.

Anyway, since I am routinely conscious of my spending and of the things that will and will not add value to my life as well, I thought it would be great to post some reviews from that point of view. So, from time to time I will post some product reviews here. And will tell you if that is what I am doing. So stay tuned.

You know, I always like the show Fight Back with David Horowitz when I was younger. This is probably an outcropping of a need to be a consumer advocate from my youth!

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