Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working Girl!

So I have a job!

I'm starting tomorrow!

I remember back when I quit work to stay at home with my daughter. At the time I felt like I had 2 things that I wanted, my job and to stay home and raise my daughter and that I had to let one of them go. Clearly I was not going to let my daughter go, but the choice to stay home with her came at the expense of a well paying job that I liked and did well at. I was also pretty exhausted by doing it with a baby. Many people manage that situation well. I did not. My sleep deprivation combined with my longing for my baby girl was hard to manage in the corporate world. There is no easy answer to that question.

I remember sitting in my bosses office and telling him that I was clear on 2 things. The first was what I was going to do immediately-That turned out to be going to Florida and sleeping for a week. What I remember most about that vacation was sleeping when other people were at the pool! The other thing I was clear on was what I was going to be doing when my daughter started school, and that was looking for a job.

What I was unclear on, I told him, was what I would be doing in that gap in-between. This blog chronicles a lot of that, though I did not set out to do that at the time. For the most part it's been a great experience-I've met new people, participated in my community, and read a lot of books. I started an ebay business, chaired my daughter's school, started a garden club and wrote a blog. I spent a lot of time in my jammies drinking coffee on cold winter mornings. I took a lot of naps. I made a lot from scratch.  I did not clean nearly enough. I am still constantly faced with a menacing pile of laundry  it has always been like this) I used a lot of butter, grew a lot of food and composted it. I spent a year not buying anything. We bought a new house.  So many things happened that I could not have planned or predicted. (including two bathrooms practically falling into the rooms below them...)

Part of me missed the old me. The working a grown up job me. And that part of me worried about how I was going to get that back. (especially this past year)

So the job.

I will be working on projects for the museum that I blog for. I'm thrilled because I can combine my love of the past (and of this particular place) with my set of professional skills.  It's almost like the old me and the more recent me have found a way to co-exist to become to become the next me. I'm also starting part time which will be a nice transition back to the working world.

I'm very excited. 

I wish I had not worried so much about how this was going to turn out.


Jeannine said...

The journey that you took to find yourself where you are today is actually quite inspiring! You were able to take the time out to connect with your baby girl and yourself and as a result came back to a career in a field you are passionate about!
It all fell into place, no worries you have made a great life for yourself and your family!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Congratulations! (I thought you started today, but obviously you start tomorrow!) Have a wonderful first "official" day -- this is totally up your alley, and is a much better situation than you probably had dreamed you would end up in -- see, everything happens for a reason!

Unknown said...


Although I certainly hope it doesn't interfere with blogging LOL


Christine said...

Jeannine-Thank you sweetie!! And thank you for listening to it ALL....

Deanna-I got your nice message today! And I finally believe you now.

Jacqueline-It won't!! :-)

Unknown said...

As I already told you on the phone I'm really happy about your new adventure. I know you are ready to be apart of the working world and wow what bette way to ease into this new chapter in your life than doing a job that you are truly passionate about.

Enjoy every moment and I look forward to reading all about your new life.

Christine said...

Thanks Kristin!!!