Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 12-14, 1910

June 12, 1910

Cleaned up around the house. & put in some onions & r, B & I over home to dinner. Clara Merle up & all up over home in the after. Mr & Mrs W & Martha and Uri & Cora & Dem. Mr & Mrs. Tel----.

W. Fine
R. 10

June 13, 1910

Bess walked down to Roberts and stopped with --- in A.M. I did some spading after supper and the West Shore Depot burned at 9:30 and Bess and I went down. Also saw the Italian Fire Works. 

W. Fine, Warm
R. 11:20

June 14, 1910

Up home to supper and the mosquitoes nearly ate us. Very warm all day. 

W. Warm
R. 10:30 

I like that he's so precise that he mentions it was warm all day and still has to comment on the weather in his W. at the end of the entry.

 Have I mentioned that in the Diary Of Martha Ballard, she also reports on the weather every day? I find that interesting they both found the need to mention this fact. Is it because their lives were so much dictated by the weather (Certainly Martha's was as it related to things she did around her house.) and Adam's does to the extent that he does not have a car and spends a lot of time going places.

I have more thoughts on this but they are not coming together too well at this time. My first day of work was today and while it was very nice, I'm beat.

W. Fine. Warm
R. 10:55.

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