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May 30-June 2, 1910

May 30, 1910

In the morning to Daves. Ray & I to Star Park & I cleaned the cellar. & the Witham's and Ma & Clara over to supper. Fire in the fire place. 

W. Cold & Rain
R. 10

May 31, 1910

Stayed home & spaded for the small garden. Cora came over & I developed prints. Congregation meeting at church to sell it to the Italians for $18,000. Voted to sell and trustee to find a new lot. 

W. Fair, Cool
R. 10:45

Note, it's a Tuesday. He just stays home?  He stays home a lot for a factory worker in 1910.  I guess I don't know much about factory work in 1910. I keep thinking maybe there is a factory museum in Syracuse that I can visit to get all of these questions answered. I need to look into that. I should look into that Italian thing too....

June 1, 1910

Worked a little in the yard but it sprinkled so did not do much. 

W. Cold
R. 10:30

June 2, 1910

Clara, Kathy, Ella, Miss Wallace & Bess went to The Old Homestead to supper & The Westing Stock Company at night (The Sign of The Four) & I over home to supper & made a garden & washed aprons & pressed clothes. 

W. Fine
R. 11:30

I meant to write more tonight-I was going to do an Adam catch up post and write right up to the current date. But I think I just need to leave it at this entry.

The Sign of The Four, 1890 is the second novel featuring Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  This makes me happy and gives me pause. Why you ask?

Holmes is my very favorite detective!!!

Ok, I know a lot of people like Sherlock Holmes. BTW, the recent movie, not so much.... While Holmes is an arrogant genius, he's not an ass. Normally I like Robert Downy Junior but he plays Holmes like he's on cocaine. (Holmes, not Downy which we all know is entirely possible)  And while Holmes is known to have a cocaine addiction when not actively working on a case, he's doesn't use it WHILE working on a case. Further, it's been thought that Conan Doyle made a mistake in his categorization of Holmes's addiction because he describes his cocaine use as:
the drowsiness of the drug”.Which in fact, is untrue of cocaine.  Holmes has also been known to use morphine. He was never hopped up, rather, blissfully unaware of his surrounding when not otherwise occupied.

I have a set of a Sherlock Holmes TV series made in 1954 (Not the Basil Rathbone one. I don't like that one) where in the lead in to the show they say "Other things" rather than cocaine. Apparently in 1954 we had to sanitize Holmes for the general viewing audience.... Whatever......I hate the 1950's. They freak me out-Too much leave-it-to-beaver-pretending-everything-is-perfect....I should probably leave that for a whole different post though.

This is NO ONE's Sherlock Holmes.....Naked...Really???
Anyway, Downy makes him look hopped up. He also opens his eyes really wide and jerks himself around in a classic Robert Downy Jr fashion that I sincerely doubt Holmes ever employed. And Jude Law's portrayl of Watson is just this side of WAY TOO PLUCKY....And I don't think they had 6 pack abs... Really, the whole movie would have been better if it was not about Sherlock Holmes......I had such high hopes for this movie before I watched it. I was no fun at all to watch it with.

But I digress.

Bess seeing Sherlock Holmes. Me loving Sherlock Holmes. The human experience of two people 100 years apart. This is what I love about the diary.

And I didn't even mention how entirely modern I think Adam is for washing his aprons for work and pressing his clothes.

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