Thursday, June 3, 2010


I took my coffee and camera out into the garden yesterday morning. It was a sunny day and I marveled at how wonderful my strawberries looked. This is the first year they've produced any berries to eat, being that usually they are ravaged by animals by now. (Squirrels I think)

I went to pick one, just to try it, anticipating the sweet taste of my very first home grown strawberry.

I stopped myself though. There were only about 10 berries that looked almost ripe.

"Tomorrow," I thought, "tomorrow they will be perfect. Tomorrow, I will have them on my yogurt for breakfast. I will eat every single one myself."

This morning I was talking to my mother on the phone as I walked out to the garden to pick my breakfast.

She got an earful.

#$*$^@%$   #%^$!*   $*#%^%&@%&%   &*)(#%!$!$.

There was NOT ONE D@MN STRAWBERRY OUT THERE. Some animal had the same idea as myself, letting those berries ripen to perfection and then eating them. I bet that darn squirrel was watching me yesterday, and noticed that he better get a move on or else I was going to beat him at his game this year.

Seriously, do these varmints not know that I once spent a day cooking in a kitchen with 2 squirrel bodies in a large bowl next to me? I have photographic proof of that even.  Do I have to make laminated  copies to post around the garden?

I'm so done with Strawberries. I almost ripped them out today but figured maybe someone else would want them. Any takers?

They are all yours.

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