Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Deer, Not Again.....

I almost reached a new level in my ongoing deer battle.

I almost hit a deer with my car this evening coming home.


My neighborhood has no streetlights so at night it's pretty darn dark. I have long narrow driveway that goes past the house to the detached garage in the backyard.

So as I pulled into the driveway my headlights flashed on a deer that jumped out of the way just before I took him out. For a split second I thought perhaps I should step hard on the accelerator as a way to avenge the ravages that the deer visited on my herb garden last night. They didn't eat the herbs, just every single other plant that they might be interested in. Our food is still safe behind the fence. The potatoes and leeks and onions they leave alone.

The funny thing is that right after I almost hit the deer I pulled past the house and almost ran over a raccoon!  OMG!!! By the time I stopped the car my heart was pounding from all of the animals I almost maimed in a 20 second ride down the driveway.

I live in the suburbs.

My husband said I would have had to hide the animal bodies in the garage if I killed them.

I told him I was going to leave them on the lawn as a warning....Nothing else seems to work.

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