Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Love You iPod!

Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me about the iPod?

I'm usually late to the party when it comes to technology. I text like a 10 year old. Actually, more specifically, I don't text like a 10 year old!

I don't usually listen to music so up to this point, have had very little use for the iPod. Recently I got a used (3rd hand!) one and I'm hooked!

I never really considered how having music I "liked" at my fingertips would have a positive impact on me. I've listened to more music (on my own accord) in the past month as I have in probably the whole past year.

I've been walking/jogging and created my own play list (Who even knew this was possible!!!) Ok-Everyone right??

My current walking/running playlist

As Good As I Once Was-Toby Keith-This song just makes me chuckle and it's a good warm up tune.
Smooth-Santana Featuring Rob Thomas-Is anyone surprised by this? I could play this over & over. Inside I'm a Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa.
Big Time-Big & Rich-My simple guitar playing, singing vagabond self if I was actually any of those things & a man.
Disease-Matchbox 20-Tortured Rob Thomas
Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)- Big & Rich-What girl doesn't need a cowboy once in a while?
Lot of Leaving Left To Do-Dierks Bentley-See Cowboy example above.
Last Beautiful Girl-Matchbox 20
Rest Stop-Matchbox 20
Downfall-Matchbox 20-Rob Thomas wants me so bad it's practically painful
Real World-Matchbox 20- I see a pattern here
Since U Been Gone-Kelly Clarkson- Kelly Clarkson gets pissed 0ff right when I'm starting to get tired.
Lonley No More-Rob Thomas-I may need help!
The Game Of Love-Santana

So many of these have a heavy guitar sound which I completely blame on an old High School boyfriend. They do, however, serve me well for a good long walk!

The only problem I have been having with the ipod is my overwhelming urge to sing out loud when I'm walking and my newfound propensity to dance around the house when everyone else is in bed!


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I love my husband's iPod -- I don't have one, but borrow his frequently -- maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas! :) Great song choices -- I love "Big Time" by Big & Rich, that Kelly Clarkson song, and of course, Smooth! Anything that gets you (with your auditory sensitivity ;) listening to music is TRULY an amazing creation!

Christine said...

I can listen because it's loud in my ears. I can't hear anything else. It's when I have competing sounds that I don't like it-Hence the not being able to listen to loud music and carry on a conversation at the same time in the car.

Can you go research that and see what services I qualify for?

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

A snug-fitting coat and a nice, softly cushioned room? ;)

Christine said...