Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Time Flies!

My oh my it's September already.

I've been gone from the blog for the entire summer really and I'm sure I have scarcely a reader left-Come back you 10 readers I had before!!! I'm here!

At any rate, since my husband is back to school (he's a teacher) and my girl starts her pre-school class on Monday I'm getting back into a routine of sorts and hope to be posting regularly again!

We had the most wonderful summer. I don't think I've ever had so much fun. Even as a child with a long stretch of summer vacation in front of me, my parents never had me THIS busy doing stuff I liked!

In addition to the stuff posted in my prior post we also:

-Went to Niagara Falls and the Niagara Aquarium-Frankly being THAT close to the edge of the falls with my daughter made me a nervous wreck-And it's not like she's prone to jump off railings or anything like. It's just so OPEN. This got me curious and of course I had to google death at Niagara falls when I got home (BTW, between 20-25 people jump over the falls in a given year! Yikes!)
-Went to Springdale farms-a local farm/petting zoo run but people with developmental disabilities.
-Had a garage sale
-Had a bunch of campfires with Smores in our backyard
-Hosted dear friends at our home for a week (and ate with them at all of their favorite old hangouts here!)
-I went to my 20th High School Reunion
-Got a lovely Coach bag at a Garage Sale-This was a SERIOUS score!
-Saw Oceans Alive at the Planetarium
-Spent time splashing in our kiddie pool
-Visited more farmers's markets
-Attended Laura Ingall's Day at the Genesee Country Museum with other dear friends
-Harvested so many wonderful veggies from our garden
-Had many picnics all around town
-Went on a local home tour
-I caught up with a friend I had not seen in 18 years and spent a whole afternoon talking!
-Gave the welcome speech to my daughter's whole nursery school
-Visited many playgrounds and libraries!
-Ate in our Gazebo.

I'm not happy it's over but I do have stuff to do around here-Like laundry for starters!!

See you soon!


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Hi Christine!

Glad you're back. And, yes, a coffee date will be a must! Thank you for your words on my blog :) I appreciate it very much.

Is Emma AM or PM this year for preschool? Ben is PM.

Christine said...

Thanks Karley!

She's in AM but this fall my mom and MIL will be watching her Tuesday's & Thursdays all day so we could also get together for lunch once in a while!

I'll email you this week about coffee!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Glad you're back! LOVE the new picture and background -- looks great!!

Um, I'd better be seeing you for lunch at the Leaf & Bean some Tues or Thurs... Just saying... :)

Christine said...

Thanks Deanna! I can't figure out how to changed the font color of the title though and it's hard to see!

Leaf & Bean-YOU BET!!! & SOON!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm here too! I was very excited to see your recent posts and I love love love the new background too.

Christine said...

Thanks Kristin!!

Krista said...

I know this one! Go into the dashboard and click on layout. Under the tab you will see "Fonts and Colors" and what you are looking for is the "Blog Title Color."

I like it, too. I read through a burner and sometimes miss all the good stuff!

Christine said...

Thanks so much Krista! Much better-although the tree is still a problem. I just love the picture though. I took it at Laura Ingalls day at The Genesee Country Museum.

It's funny because I take a picture of this little garden quite often when I visit there. It's not that special compared to some of the other ones. It is my favorite though. I'll probably keep taking pictures of it until I finally build my own!!! And the house. I should just live right there....

Krista said...

Me too. Something about it just seems so... special. I don't know how to describe it. Just special, I guess.