Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sew Easy!

Check out the new valances that I made for my dining room!

While I would like to sew better, I have very rudimentary sewing skills.

Basically I can sew in a straight line.

I can follow a SIMPLE pattern-but find that most of them have a lot of sewing jargon that I just don't know. I really need to take a class but it's never at the top of my list (until I want to make something.)

These valances were pretty easy. I put the fabric on the floor folded in half so that the valance appears lined. I just used the valance from these curtains in my living room and placed it over the folded fabric and just cut around them. Then turned it inside out and sewed it up (Except for a small rod pocket at the top). Then I hot glued the fringe (I was too scared that I was going to ruin the whole thing if I tried sewing through 2 layers of curtains and the fringe.

I didn't need any long curtains because the dining room is in the back of the house and I like looking outside from that room. We back us to trees so at night there is no need for privacy.

These were really inexpensive to make-The fabric was only about $7 as it was in the clearance section at Jo-Ann's-The end of the bolt. The fringe was the most expensive part, coming it at $13. (using my %40 coupon!)

The rods I got on clearance at Target for $4 each.

That comes to $12 a window!


Sheri said...

Great ideas! I am searching for an idea for my kitchen valance (over the sink)

Christine said...

Thanks! This was so easy!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Very nice.

I cannot follow a pattern to save my life when it comes to sewing.

I can, however, sew straight across and have made very simple valances before. Yours look lovely!

Christine said...

Thanks Karley!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I've enjoyed browsing your blog. These are nice valances. The second line of this post made me smile, wish I could sew in a straight line!

Christine said...

Thanks Crafty! Come back again!