Monday, September 14, 2009

BPA Free Again

I've been a bad mommy this summer.

Sometime around the time of my husband's family reunion, my In-Laws gave my daughter some of those new small cute plastic water bottles (maybe 6 oz?) Anyway, she's been in LOVE with these bottles all summer and as a result has become a huge water drinker! Always a plus!!! I've even indulged her myself with a 12 pack at one point!

Anyway, one day I mentioned I needed to get her a reusable water bottle and she pointed out she HAD a reusable bottle. Of course, we've been filling up these over and over. Another big no-no..

I've been meaning to get her a Sigg bottle at Wegmans but each time I go I can hardly justify adding $16 to my grocery bill at that very moment....

I know all about BPA's in plastics and yet, conveniently ignored it. I know, I KNOW! When she was smaller she had the Thermos Foogo sippy cup which I loved and kept things cold for a long time. I think it only holds 4 oz though and my daughter is finally to that stage when some things start to seem "babyish" to her.

Today at Target I stumbled on the Thermos Funtainer with the Hello Kitty It was clearance priced at $7.98-Score! It's not too gimmicky looking and my daughter LOVED it when she got it! It's even currently up next to her bed in case she needs a drink in the middle of the night!

Oh and me, what am I drinking out of these days? Well I also really want a Sigg bottle but my cheap ass self won't buy myself one so I've been refilling a glass Honest Tea bottle for my BPA free drink!


Krista said...

Awww! Hello kitty is adorable! And the thing it, I don't even know if it is so popular here that she would recognize it as a character, kwim?

Of course, I could just be so out of touch with what little girls know. lol

Krista said...

Forgot to mention - I know what you mean about the cost. I mean sheesh! Can a damn piece of metal really need to cost that much?

I keep slowly swapping ours out. I started with one I bought at the health food store but it ended up being too small. My current favorite is one I got at Starbucks while we were on vacation - the first time I had been there in forever. I am such a dork that I scratched the name off of it so they will get no free advertising from me. *rolling my eyes at myself*

Christine said...

She does know it's Hello Kitty but only because someone gave her some Hello Kitty stickers. There were about 200 of them and they are tiny tiny-We find them everywhere-On our clothes, in my purse, on Will's shoes. But I digress....It creeps me out-Not just Hello Kitty, I hate marketing to kids in general.

It's funny-I'm so inconsistent because I probably would not hesitate to carry a Starbucks bottle because I like Starbucks.
*rolling my eyes at myself*

Krista said...

Kids seem to pick up on it so quickly, too. When I asked my niece what she wanted to fer birthday, her answer was "Dora!" She didn't care what it was, as long as it was Dora.

Unknown said...

Great score on the Hello Kitty and I find that to be one of the least offensive "marketing ploys" to my daughter it's just a cute kitty.

I myself walk around all day long with a slick tall tinted green thing that says Belkin, which was given to my friend by a vendor of his. I've never looked on-line to see just who or what Belkin is...maybe I should do that now. LOL

Christine said...

Yup Krista, and it everywhere!!! My daughter was like that with Elmo. She's on a Dinosaur kick these days which seems a lot less bothersome to me.

Kristin, you should look that up, no telling WHAT you are advertising!!! he he!