Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex In The City Girls Night Out

Tonight I'm going to see the "Sex in the City" movie. Truthfully I didn't watch the show (I was too cheap to pay for HBO). I have seen it before, but have not followed it.

I don't even care really because I haven't seen a movie in about a year. And I haven't seen a movie at night for like 3! (I mean what does a full price movie even cost these days?!?!?)

Before the movie I'm going to Deanna's house for a girls night out party complete with Cosmos and girl food. Deanna is the "Queen of themes" in my world (Heck people, she had a pub night a few months ago and wrote graffiti on her own bathroom walls! ) so in addition to drinking and eating, we'll all be wearing our best cute shoes. I'm bringing deviled eggs.

$10 for a movie (maybe) and a plate of deviled eggs and that promises to be a great frugal girls night out for me! (of course, it's less frugal for Deanna who is hostessing the party) So perhaps the frugal tip is have friends who throw great parties.

Um.. No, actually what I wanted to say is that anytime I get to have a girls night out and eat and drink with my friends is a great time. Spending money is optional because the real wealth is surrounding yourself with wonderful women to hang out with!

Edited to add: Another frugal tip at the movies is to get there and go find your seat while your best friend gets her popcorn (you buy nothing) save her a seat. She'll sit next to you. Eat her popcorn and drink her large drink! ;-)(I swear, I really WAS NOT hungry when we got to the movies Deanna! )


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Darn it!! I read your post and when I read something about Deanna Queen of Themes, I remembered that I had FAVORS that I forgot to give out last night!!! Oh well, I'll pass them out as I see you ladies -- but it won't be the same! Hope you girls all had as much fun as I did!

Teamcarbone said...

It certainly was a fun night and yes money can't buy the fun that comes from hanging out with great girl friends. wealth

The Green Room said...

You're right, a girls' night with fun food and cocktails is worth a million bucks that's only costing you a few dollars, or as Master Card would say "PRICELESS"!
I live in CA (the Bay Area to be a little more precise), and the cost of an evening new release show at the cinema is $11.00--just for the ticket. But, I buy a yearly Entertainment Guide, a coupon book with lots of coupons and two-for-one deals. The book includes coupons for the movies that get 4 people in at $6.00 (any time of day). There are at least 10 of those coupons in that book.

Maybe next time two people can spring for the movies and the others bring snacks? This way everyone gets to be frugal and the GNO can occur more often!

In any case, I hope you all carpooled to the cinema and had tons of fun!

The Green Room

Christine said...

Of course you had favors Deanna! You are the queen!

We had a great time!

Christine said...

You know, I have an entertainment book but haven't looked at it for movie tickets-Next time we'll plan better! I knew there was a better frugal tip in this post than going over to a friends for a party!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

BTW, yes we did carpool together -- guess who drove? Deanna! ;) That's ok, a fun night out with most of my best girlfriends (we were just missing a couple of them!) is worth a lot to me!

Christine said...

Yeah, perhaps I should have titled the post "Fun night out on Deanna's Dime!"