Saturday, May 10, 2008

Banana Ice Cream

I feel silly even posting this because it's so darn easy!

On a vegan website I saw a recipe for a fast banana ice cream. (well faux ice cream that is!)

-Take as many ripe (or half price overripe bananas on clearance at the store in my case!) bananas as you have. Peel, mash and freeze! Scoop into dish like ice cream.

This was really good-Kind of like banana ice.

My daughter loved this I gave it to her as a "special" dessert tonight! (it may help that she's hardly ever had ice cream!) but it was really good. I plan to make this with banana and blueberries at some point or even add cinnamon.

I got 4 bananas for $0.47 at my local mom and pop grocery store. She probably ate 1/5 of the ice cream that this made. $0.09 for a healthy treat! I don't think I can beat that!

****Updated to add that today at Wegman's the bakery lady gave my girl 2 cookies. She ate one and brought the other one home. This evening we let her choose which one she wanted-Banana ice or cookie. She choose the Banana Ice!!!!


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Try cutting the bannana in half and sticking a popsicle stick into it, throwing on a few sprinkles and then freezing on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Instant bannana pop!

Christine said...

Ok I think you just beat me for cheap and healthy snack ideas! That sounds like fun. I bet it would be good dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts! (ok, perhaps I'm now thinking of a snack for myself!)

The Green Room said...

Banana ice cream, that's great idea. Using ripe fruit in deserts and baked goods is a perfect way to show others that NOTHING should go to waste. In our household, we visit small ethnic (and often struggling) stores to buy their produce and fruit. The quality isn't always as good as major grocers, but the price is always cheaper. Since I expect them to spoil sooner, I use them right away which ensures we eat more fruit and vegetables. This also helps to sustain local businesses and farmers! Thanks for the banana ice cream tip. These ought to be shared with local stores so that they may encourage their customers to purchase the ripe stuff!

(From The Green Room)

Christine said...

Yup! We try very hard not to waste any food and usually do a pretty good job! My mom always made banana bread from overripe bananas.

Teamcarbone said...

Another healthy twist is to sprinkle with Wheat Germ. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yum! This sounds delicious. We will have to try it. I am always looking for healthy treats for my kids.