Thursday, May 1, 2008

No New Stuff Year April Edition!

Ok, a quick round up of items purchased during April of the no new stuff year.

2 Garden Urns (I have no excuse here. I WANTED them.)
1 Pair of Sexy Sandals (Well I did need shoes)
1 Bottle of Pink Nail Polish to complement sexy sandals (I'm calling this a need. My toes are tired of winter, tired of shoes, tired of looking dull and lifeless. They look cute today!)

I also bought a few clothing items that I did need.

Gifts have long been something I've tried to be clutter free about unless it was something I know the person wants or needs. For Jeannine's birthday last week I gave her a basket of strawberry plants and some depression glass plates that I thought looked like strawberry shortcake plates. They were totally up her alley. My grandma turned 84 Monday and I gave her a basket of Hollyhock plants with the promise that I will come and install her new hollyhock garden next week.

Note that both of those people are gardeners so the idea of live plants is something they were happy about!

Oh I almost forgot. I bought these garlic clips for the deer in my garden this year. I was kind of disappointed when they came because I thought they were refillable with garlic oil after each season but they are actually disposable.....I wonder if they work? I'll keep you posted on that one as I don't think I know anyone with as many deer in the backyard as I have. If they work for me then they will work for you!


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Not too bad! I think we can forgive your toes one small bottle of pink nailpolish.

Great ideas on the gifts! I know how you feel -- not only am I not into the idea of clutter in my house, but I'm feeling more aware of how my gifts may clutter up the recipient's house!

Unknown said...

OMG thank you for telling me about the garlic clips. In our fledgling attempts to grow something in our backyard, a deer has already ate our tomato plant. I wanted to know how to keep them away!

Christine said...

Well who knows if they work or not! I'll let you know. After buying teh clips that will be like the most expensive tomato you've ever grown!!!

Any more luck with the basil? I guess it's a good thing you bought so many plants!!!