Sunday, June 1, 2008

No New Stuff Year-May Edition, I Am Victorious!!!

Time for the May roundup of my No New Stuff Year.

I am thrilled to report I purchased only 2 items new for the entire month of May:
-1 Tomato cage yesterday ($2.19)
-2 copper elbow joints for a mini trellis I made ($1-Yes Michael I realize you probably DO have these in your basement)

$3.19! That's it! And those really count as garden items and I will use those year after year! Aside from that I didn't buy ANYTHING NEW!!!

Now, that isn't to say I didn't buy anything. I did buy A LOT of plants for the garden. A lot!

And now that the garage sale season is in full swing, I have been having fun and spending (a little) money on second hand items. Items of note:
2 yogurt makers for $1.50 each
1 Enamel Covered Cast Iron Casserole. $1 (We've decided not to use Teflon coated pans and love enamel covered cast iron (Al la Le Creuset). This was a find!
A new set of pottery barn towels for $1.60 at an estate sale (truthfully people at an estate sale are not looking for towels so that is why they were so cheap)
2 Big bedroom mirrors with with wonderful frames. One $4 and one was $5

It's important to note (for me anyway!) that you can get carried away with garage sale items. I did not decide not to buy new items for financial reasons alone so I need to remind myself that more stuff is not always a great deal even if it is cheap!


Krista said...

Great job! How lucky to find an Enamel Covered Cast Iron Casserole for $1! I thought I was lucky finding a 5qt. cast iron dutch oven for $5, but you found a great bargain!

Any pictures of the mini trellis? Sounds interesting.

Christine said...

I know! I was thrilled! There were no prices at that sale which I usually hate because you have no idea what people want for the stuff. I offered $1 and she took it. She really could have cared less. It's quite a large piece of cookware and in great shape! And it's a sunny yellow!

I need to take some garden pics so I'll include the trellis. Nothing spectacular-I just had some copper pipe and needed something for peas. It did give me an idea to make a larger one for next year though.