Thursday, May 15, 2008

Print Your Own Postage

With the cost of postage going up yet again this week, I thought I would share a money saving tip that I discovered today.

Due to my eBay business, I do a lot of mailing. Sometimes I print the postage online and sometimes I drive to the post office.

I discovered today, that with the new postage rate hike, the post office has a new thing they are doing for postage printed online. All priority postage printed online is $.25 cheaper than it is to mail it at the post office. Some days I print up to 10 labels. That $.25 will add up pretty quick for me. (and in addition, I save gas not driving to the post office.)

You can print your priority mail postage online at the United States Postal Website. It's really easy. You don't need a postage meter. Just a scale and a regular computer printer. I don't even use adhesive labels as I found it was cheaper to just use packing tape to secure the postage printed on regular paper (actually recycled 7th grade social studies handouts that my husband brings home from work as scrap paper.) to the box. I bought a new postage scale for $25 on eBay and I would suggest that if you plan on doing any volume of mailing you get one too. However I used an accurate kitchen food scale prior to that with no problems at all.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I can't believe how often the cost of postage goes up -- I guess everything is getting more expensive, so why not that. Although, I must say that with e-mail and online banking, I hardly mail anything these days except invitations and cards!

Christine said...

It's the gas again. The woman at the post office told me. That damn gas we were talking about today.

I don't mail a lot of paper mail, but as you know, I do a lot of packages.

Postage on the base rate for priority mail went up $.45 I thought that was a lot. Every time postage goes up I cringe.