Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dirty Secret #2

I recently discovered that my college frig was running in my basement. It contained exactly 9 beers. It has since CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This was understandable at the time when my husband made his own beer and needed a cool place to keep the beer (lest they explode!!!) This was Labatt's which was purchased for a large Christmas gathering. We don't even drink this stuff. What mysterious visitor are we keeping them cold for? They haven't shown up since Christmas so they probably they aren't coming.

The electricity to keep these beers cold for a month probably cost more than the beers are worth (Including the $.05 refund!!!)

Said frig has been unplugged and beers relocated to the upstairs frig!!!


Jacquie said...

Labatt's. That's my favorite! Save them for me! But I have a question.... did I miss Dirty Secret #1??

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Oh so you are the person the beer is being kept cold for! OK!

I tried to post a link to Dirty Secret #1.

His name is Edward.....