Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The VCR Broke!

Oh Man!!

I don't exactly know why I'm posting this because I haven't come up with a beautiful and frugal solution to this yet!

Our VCR broke.

It's been on it's last legs for some time now. Sometimes the sound was messed up we would have to bang on it to make it work. (No, we are not THAT poor) But I was not about to buy a new one when that one still worke. I've had this one for over 10 years. It bit the dust tonight.

What now? I'm not buying anything new.

We need a VCR. My husband is a teacher and often tapes stuff for school. Plus I have a ton of library $1 DVDs that my daughter likes to watch. And I'm NOT paying $12 a month for the privilege of taping via a DVR. I think last year I taped LOST twice.

SO...... What now? My husband said he would buy the VCR. Hmmmmmm.... That seems like cheating. And by getting a new VCR then I'm creating 2 electronic devices that will go into a landfill someday. And I looked at the Target website. The cheapest one was $60. Not too terribly expensive but still not something I want to shell out this week..... They did have some DVD/VCR combos and our DVD player isn't that great but I don't think I can stand throwing out 2 electronics this week. (although it would kind of streamline things.)

I emailed a few people on Craigslist this evening so we'll see what that turns up. Stay tuned! Will we cave and get a new VCR or will I pull some frugal magic out of my hat!


Krista said...

Freecycle! Post saying that your husband is a teacher and needs it to tape things for his class. I am sure someone will email you.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I have 2 that are in working order -- 1 plugged in that is older and works, I just wouldn't rewind anything in it; and 1 that is probably better, just unplugged and gathering dust. I could certainly lend you one until it either a) breaks, or b) it is 2009 and you are allowed to buy something new again! ;)

Catherine said...

Okay Chrissy - If your husband uses it for work, you can take a portion of the total cost and write it off on your taxes.

I have two VHS players (the newer one) for some reason will not let me watch any old tapes on it, so it is useless to me.I think it has something to do with the 13 year old television, but not totally sure. You are more than welcome to give it a try and see if it will work for you. I'll bring it into Deanna.

To let you know that I try to be frugel myself, I have been taping my soaps for 7 years on the same VHS tape! I think I might need to get a new one soon, but I'll keep on taping until it doesn't work anymore!

PS: I am not shopping this year unless someone gives me a gift card or it is necessary. My closets, yes I said closets, are overflowing and my children's closets have enough clothes in them for three children. So unless it is necessary, I won't be shopping! Wish me luck because I LOVE to shop ... even at Wegmans.

Christine said...

Thanks Catherine for the VCR offer! I will take you up on that!!! That is so sweet!

7 years on one tape! That IS frugal!!!

I know how you feel! When Will was in school we had even less money than now and I remember I used to LOVE to go to Wegmans. I would spend a lot of time there on Sunday afternoon. I finally figured out that it was that was the ONLY place that I was allowed to spend money!!! So I know how you feel! Keep me posted on your progress!!!

Teamcarbone said...

Sorry to hear about your VCR woes. My mother is famous for buying new VCRs so I always get her hand me downs.

Catherine-We are waiting for your 18 year old TV to bite the dust before we consider getting a new one.