Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cutting Cable!

No, I didn't get rid of it all! (I could have but the Yankees/Politics fan in my husband would probably leave!)

I did take a good look at the bill though.

A few months back my husband called to complain about the service and the woman offered to reduce our bill by $6 and add a bunch of premium movie channels. She did and we have been paying that reduced rate ever since.

I think though, that the cost of the service had just gone down. Because when I recently looked at the bill I saw it included premium movie channels that together equal $16. No biggie I suppose as we still were paying the rate that we got with the $6 off. However, since September when we got these extra channels we have never watched them!

So I called today and canceled both of the premium channels and saved us $16 extra dollars a month. It took all of 3 minutes!

This is prompting me to take a good look at the rest of my bills to see where I might save here and there!


Krista said...

I can't completely cut the cable for the same reason. (Lions, though.)

I did call and get a lower bill, though. We were under a special that gave us all of the movie channels. We never watched them, so I called to see how much it would be to get rid of them. Charter will only allow you to go into another special if you upgrade your service!! I complained, and the woman finally found something I could live with. Ni movie channels and faster internet speed for $20 less a month. I still pay a ridiculous bill because of the DVR, but was happy to get the $20 off!

Christine said...

It's funny. We don't have a DVR. When I called to lower the cable bill (and I said that to they guy) he did it and then said, "Now that you aren't paying for the extra channels you may want to consider the DVR." I know he's supposed to upsell other stuff to me but I felt like saying "What part of lowering the bill don't you get." I hate that kind of service. You've just heard me say I want to pay less, don't offer me something MORE.

Loriann said...

We have Basic and Standard cable and Road Runner. I work from home in the evening and on weekends and need Road Runner to do my job. I could stay at work and be away from my family 8-10 more hours a week but I choose to come home and work those hours at my leisure. Having RR allows me to do that. It does cost $45 but I feel being away from home more hours would 'cost' more. DH is totally disabled due to a bulging disc in his back and is 4 weeks out from a total knee replacement. He would go crazy with just basic cable and he likes to play games online and cannot do that w/o RR. This is one area that we don't want to give up right now. I called today and told them about DHs disability and asked if there was a way for us to get a discount on the bill and they reduced it by $25.35/month for one year. Just for asking. I never thought to do this until I read your email. Thanks for helping us save money. Lori

Christine said...

Oh cool! That is wonderful! I'm so glad it worked out that way for you!!!

Krista said...

We are actually looking in to making our own DVR box. The articles I have read say that it will cost around $150, but when you consider that I pay $20 a month through the cable company, it won't take long to pay for its self.

We use it a lot for school. There are always cool documentaries on that we tie in to what the boys are studying.

Christine said...

Wow-making your own DVR box! I didn't know you could even DO that!! I'm impressed-Talk about do it yourself! And over the long haul, that would be more cost effective.

I could see why people would want one we just don't have the need right now. My husband is a history teacher and often tapes thing from TV for school but for that we need a VCR anyway.