Thursday, January 10, 2008

Entertaining Doesn't Have to be Expensive!

Today my Aunt came over for lunch! Since she always takes me out for lunch and never lets me pay I thought I would cook for her for a change-That way she couldn't pay!

Later I was thinking about our meal and knew I needed to share it with you because everything we ate I have talked about in some way on this blog!

We had a lovely lunch of:
Iced Tea
Applesauce muffins using Applesauce I made from these apples.
Barley and Mushroom soup that I made from these mushrooms
And a Quiche that I made using this crust!

Except for the cheese, everything I used for the lunch was something I had on hand. All it cost me extra this week to have her over was $3.29 for some cheese! And it was a lovely lunch!


Unknown said...

I think quiche is so lovely to serve to company. It's a shame more men don't care for it!

Now that I have a foolproof low carb crust, I'm really enjoying making quiches and various pies.

I had a dinner party recently in which I was not nearly so frugal as you were, but I had no time to prepare. I went to Trader Joe's and picked up an amazing spread for six people for about forty dollars, complete with a cheese tray, garlic bread, gnocchi, eggplant cutlets, italian sausage and some chocolate lava cakes.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Sounds very lovely! And it was like a blog-themed lunch -- you know how I love a theme! ;)

Christine said...

I'd say $40 for 6 people is pretty great actually! And it sounds wonderful!

Jacquie said...

Hi!!! I'm FINALLY leaving comments... for 2 reasons... ok really 3 reasons. 1st reason - I need some tips on what to keep in my pantry to have stuff on hand to make lunches/brunches like this. You must be as stocked as Wegmans because I ALWAYS have to go to the store before people come over if I am to make anything edible for them to eat! 2nd reason - I REALLY need Stephanie's foolproof low carb crust. I too am doing the low-carb thing, and I just make my quiches and such with no crust... still good, but missing something. I would appreciate it! 3rd reason - I finally had time to get off my fat #$$%$ and create an account to be able to leave comments! Miss you!

Teamcarbone said...

I'm with Chrissy, all that food for $40 isn't too bad. Of course not completely frugal but still a good deal.

Oh yah, love a theme!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness! Jacquie, my best fan! has left a comment!!!

I'll ask Steph for the recipe!

And your question about having a stocked pantry gave me a good idea for a new post so I'' do that one up for you over the weekend!!!

Miss you too!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Ok, I don't know about your pantry, but I've seen your fridge, and as we've discussed many times, it often looks like you are waiting for the food basket from church -- unlike mine that I still look in and think I have nothing to eat! But, you are much better at being frugal at the grocery store than I am -- you plan what you're eating and get just what you need. I plan for every conceivable possibility (maybe we'll do this, maybe these people will stop over, maybe there will be a natural disaster, you know!) and over spend!

Teamcarbone said...

Can't wait to get the low carb recipe and to see the new post. Glad Jacquie post! :)

rhonda jean said...

I just found your blog and I wanted to say hello. I think it's a lovely gesture to cook for your aunt. I'm sure she appreciated that very much.