Thursday, January 3, 2008

My God I Already Bought Something!!!

My God, what is it, Jan 3rd and already I've bought something new.

It was needles for my sewing machine. (and I did mention I was going to buy those...) I'm making my mother-in-law a purse for her birthday and I knew I broke the last one a few weeks ago. I was also in the same plaza as Jo-Ann's today and thought it silly to have to drive back out to buy a darn needle just because I didn't want to buy something "new" so soon.

So I spent $3.29 on 4 needles. Read all of the backs of the packages. There were 3 kinds. 1 Made in China and 2 made in India (Who knows, is India any better than China?) I chose Singer needles from India.

It was 11:30am. I was meeting a friend for lunch across the parking lot at 11:35 am. I thought briefly about going after lunch but I figured giving myself so little time to buy the needles would eliminate any desire to look at stuff! I walked QUICKLY past all of the sale holiday merchandise. I was like a horse with blinders on making my way to the sewing needles. I ignored the sale fabric and pretended there was no yarn at all in the store.


Krista said...

That's ok. I think it is the fact that you are trying that counts. :)

As soon as I posted my pledge I remembered a bunch of things I need. Figures!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Oh yeah, it's going to be a long year! I think you can forgive yourself 4 needles for $3.

Christine said...

I did some thinking ahead but didn't come up with anything (though I did buy a cookbook on the 31st!)

I just didn't want to buy something so SOON!

Christine said...

And they were not even from China!

Teamcarbone said...

Hey you should be proud that you didn't stop to take a peek at the sales stuff! I'm impressed.

Christine said...

Yes, I'm sure the salespeople must have thought my pants were on fire by how fast I was running through the store!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, India is better than China. We still have trade problems and deficits with them, and they don't fully comply with our labor and environmental laws.

_However_, they are ostensibly a Democracy and their citizens have basic rights guaranteed by that form of government, whereas buying from Communist China always makes me feel like I'm contributing to a system that essentially enslaves its people.

Isn't that a cheery thought. All I meant to say was, congrats on picking the Singer needles!

Christine said...

Well I can always count on you Steph! Thanks for the India info! Feeling better about those Singer needles!