Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PaperBack Swap Update!

Ok I think I'm going to love PaperBack Swap! It's even better than I first imagined! Let me tell you why:

1) If you refer someone and they post 10 books you get a free book credit! (Thank You Stephanie)

2) You have a wish list so that if there is a book you want and someone posts it, you get an email offering you that book! You don't have to keep going back and looking. There is even a feature whereby you can set it to auto-request so that if the book comes up and you have a credit, it will be sent right to you.

3) I just requested a book I was going to get my husband for his birthday.

4) This is the best one!! There is this book that has been eluding me for like the past 25 years. It's called M for Mischief. It's a children's book. One of my teachers read it to me when I was younger. I loved it. My mom could never find it. It's never been at the library. A few months ago I found one on Amazon from a second hand seller-It was $35!! TONIGHT I REQUESTED IT FOR FREE!!! I cannot be more excited!


Unknown said...

I used my first two free credits to purchase an audio book by Philippa Gregory called "The Virgin's Lover" about Queen Elizabeth I that sells for at least $30 new, and $12 used. (I know how expensive these are, because over Christmas, Adam and I drove to Ohio listening to Philippa Gregory's "The Boleyn Inheritance" which was wonderful.

That said, I have already started spending money on that site, shipping out books that have been requested of me for about $2.71 in shipping and incidentals each. (I've already shipped three books out that people wanted.)

I'm not particularly bothered by this because I'll get a new book for every book that I ship out, and $3 is not bad to pay for a new book that you're interested in, though the library is still going to end up being a much more frugal endeavor.

But the real advantage is the decluttering of stuff that takes up space on my bookshelves. Moreover, I like to keep the books that I love, not return them to the library, so that's another advantage. Also, not having to make an errand run to the library is another good benefit!

Christine said...

Good for you!

I'm so glad you like it! I was so surprised when I got up this morning that I actually had 2 book requests! So 2 more credits after I send those which I will do today! I'll also be going through more of my old books because the books people requested were nothing special (well not to me anyway!) and I've had them a long time!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Thanks for this tip -- this looks like a great website and we have TONS of books piling up over here that we've been trying to decide what to do with! (I'm in a real de-cluttering mode this year!)