Sunday, July 20, 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am

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Hmmm, as a 1930's housewife I rate poor. (That's probably because I don't make dinner or vacuum.) I will point out though that 41 was the last # in the poor category though, so if I didn't swear or if I wrote letters to my in-laws I would be average. I did get credit for garden club which is typically something women born in the 30's are STILL doing.

I told my husband who asked, "How are you as an 1830's housewife?" I guess we'll find out. I just got a form for our measurements for our costumes for October. I also spoke with the woman who told me that we'll be sleeping at the museum for 2 nights and that all I need to bring is shoes, socks, underwear and a toothbrush. She didn't mention mascara or hairspray. I'm not really that much of a get out of the shower and go kind of gal. I just don't have the hair for that.

note to self-Start investigating wash and wear hairstyles.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I've never seen you in braids -- can't quite picture that though... My suggestion, is to figure out a way to do a bun-like style, without the clip-y thing (don't think that will go with the authenticity of the costume -- nor will a Yankees hat...).

Christine said...

Oh my! Without styling aids my hair is so FLAT. Maybe they will teach me a style in pioneer training OR MAYBE I can investigate some old time hair tonic recipes..........

I guess I'll just keep the bonnet on.

Catherine Amico said...

Crissy - I got a 81 (Very Superior) on the Housewifery test. I was very honest, too honest in my opinion. I think you shoud take it again - I don't write the in-laws either because they live next door! Catherine

Christine said...

Catherine, I know how you clean and cook so I really think you deserve the 81! I know haw I cook and clean so I think I probably deserve the 41!

My friend Jacquie did really well also. It's funny because the people I know who did the best are not housewives at all! I guess you're just both overachievers!