Monday, July 14, 2008

Croc Update

Apparently everyone's children are wearing Crocs. Here are 3 email responses I received in addition to the comments in the original croc post:

"I can't believe I can actually add to this. So Kobe has some of these shoes. He's had them for a year and they look good. He wears them all the time too. I guess the tread at the bottom is worn somewhat smooth, but not so bad that I would consider replacing them. I think it's more surprising that he hasn't grown out of them."

"Let me start off by saying.... I LOVE CROCS! Not the fake ones, the real ones. Yes, they are a little more expensive (and NO, they are not made of the same material.... more on that later) I bought a pair for myself, my son, and my daughter about 1.5 years ago. My son wears them occasionally, I wear mine only in the house (bought for house shoes) and my daughter wears hers EVERYDAY! She loves them! She loves to decorate them with the Jibbitz (talk about expensive, but worth it if she likes to wear the same shoes everyday!) The tread on the bottom is only starting to wear (slightly, after 1.5 YEARS!!!! I'll take that anyday!) She is now just growing out of them (they are meant to be a little big, that is why the size is 6/7, 8/9, not just a 6 or a 7!) I just went on and bought her 4 new pairs (you spend over $100 and shipping is free). I bought her 3 different colors (to coordinate with outfits) and a Dora pair. She LOVES them all and wears them EVERYDAY! I figure if I spend only $100 in a whole year on shoes for 1 child, that is more than a bargain!
Now, about the material..... Crocs uses a patented material that does not mold, mildew, stain, or smell. It is wonderful, and the BEST part (which, Chrissy, you will love) is that when you outgrow the Crocs, you can send them back, and they will RECYCLE THE MATERIAL!!!! Isn't that great! Talk about 'Going Green'! And, Crocs also sells Crocs that are already made of recycled material! These are the best things going, in my opinion! And, my kids love them!!!!"

Julia has a pair of real crocks. Doesn't wear them everyday but I'd say 3-4 days out of a week. She's had them since spring and they seem to be holding up pretty well."

Ok friends, thanks for the input! When I was at Wegman's this evening I looked at a pair (yes, my grocery store sells Crocs!) and the bottoms do seem to be a bit harder than the ones we have. I also really like the Soles united program that Jacquie was referring to as well.

So maybe Crocs are not a Crock!


Lori said...

I still don't get the Croc-mania. I know, they are cute, they have a great design that makes them suitable for many destinations, they are comfortable. They seem to have it all. But, in the end, they are just plastic shoes. For a while there I thought they were made of real, natural rubber, and I almost bought a pair for my daughter. But it is plastic, as recyclable as it may be. I would prefer that my child wears something more natural on her feet, at least when she's not going to the beach. I wished there was a natural material alternative to the Crocs. The shoe style is really great.

Unknown said...

Ok, fine, maybe I am a shoe snob. But I am mostly horrified by these shoes :P

Also, when I have tried them on, they made my feet sweat terribly and I was walking around in wet shoes. *shudder*

Christine said...

Oh my GOD but they are SO CUTE on little kids! AND my daughter can get them on and off!!!

I don't have any myself. I had the sandals a few summers ago but they wore out (although they were really comfy) Perhaps if I had the enclosed shoe then they would have been sweaty!

Emma's feet did get stinky when I didn't wash them enough! (Ok, that is probably more info than you want to know!!!)

Unknown said...

I give crocs the thumbs up for Emma, but a grown woman should be cited by the fashion police :P

Christine said...

I LOVE that you are so fashionable! And your shoes!!! Love it!