Friday, July 11, 2008

Its a Croc

Or maybe not!

I went to buy my girl a real pair of Crocs ($24.99) in the beginning of the summer. She was between sizes and none of them really fit her. In the mean time my mom got her a cheap pair for $7.99 at CVS.

I love these shoes. I think they look really cute, she can get them on and off by herself, a real help and I wash them almost every night in the sink and they look great the next day.

However, she's only had them about 8 weeks and the tread on the bottom is wearing thin. Granted, she does wear them almost every day. Soon she's going to need new ones because she'll have no traction. 8 Weeks per pair of shoes does not strike me as a good bargain (at any price). I'm left wondering however, if this would have been true of the real Crocs. They seem to be made of the exact same material. They are 3X as much. I have no issue spending more for the next pair if they last longer than these ones.

My own Crocs lasted me a summer and into the fall but they were the sandal type and I didn't wear them all of the time.

So, does anyone whose children have Crocs have any advice on this one. Usually I think I have the frugal answer. Today I don't.
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Krista said...

I am not name brand loyal, but I think Crocs are one area that I just might be.

At the end of last summer I got a pair of Wal-Mart brand croc look alikes for $1.50 on clearance. They were comfortable enough... until my SIL gave me a pair of real Crocs. I will never go back to the fake ones.

My SIL buys them for the nieces on ebay, usually getting a lot of 3-4 new pairs for the price of one pair in the store. She even got them ones with Mickey Mouse heads as the holes. :o)

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

That's great -- I may have to check them out on eBay! On the Sunday night before Monday's 9:00am first day of sailing class last summer, we tried to get Crocs for my girl at West Marine and they didn't have her size. The salesperson suggested Target, saying she didn't know how they would hold up but they were so much cheaper than the real ones (I think they were $10). We bought them, thinking they'd do until we could get the real ones and they've been great! They are my girl's favorite shoes, she wore them all last summer, sometimes to school when it was appropriate, casually after school, and she's been wearing them again since May. They are still hanging in there!